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LIPEC was established in 1994. Its research activity consists of following areas: advanced surface mount technologies, direct chip attachment methods, lead-free solders, application of adhesives in electronics, environmentally compliant electronics, thermal management and characterization of electrical mechanical and environmental properties of PCBs, virtual thermo-mechanical prototyping of component and micro-system packages in electronics and mechatronics, application of experimental design methods for optimization of technological processes in electronic devices manufacturing, electron beam technologies (welding and brazing of super hard materials, e-beam surface modification, high power e-beam diagnostics, design of electron guns), teaching and education in the all listed above areas. More information


In Faculty of Microsystem Electronics and Photonics LIPEC is structured as laboratory with its-self budget. Since November of 1999 has been headed by Prof. Jan Felba. The staff of the laboratory consists of thirteen researchers and technicians. Six of them are the PhD students.

The beginnings

Laboratory (LIPEC) was organized by Prof. Kazimierz Friedel and finally established in 1994 in Institute of Electron Technology (Faculty of Electronics). At the beginning there were two parts of its activity; electron beam technologies, as the continuation of former research of group members, and the new one - interconnecting and packaging electronic circuits.