Wroclaw University of Technology (logo) WEMiF: Faculty of Microsystem Electronics and Photonics (logo) LIPEC: Laboratory for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits LIPEC LIPEC

LIPEC research fields of interest
Reliability in microelectronic packaging
Manufacturing engineering
Designing and prototyping computer-controlled measurement systems for reliability tests
Prototyping, development and application of electronic systems
Solder and adhesive joints reliability in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) - numerical prediction and testing
Numerical prototyping of microelectronic components and micro-system packages
Nanocomposites and electrically conductive microstructures for printed electronics
Thermally conductive composites with nano- and micro-fillers
Heat transfer modeling in molecular- and bulk-scale domain
Electrically conductive adhesives (especially for microwave applications)
Quality assessment of printed circuits boards (PCBs), solder and adhesives joints
Technology for electronic devices manufacturing - design and optimization
Packaging and recycling of materials oriented to green electronics
Teaching of university students and tutoring of industry stuff. Theoretical courses and practical trainings for engineers
Dissemination of results and on-going activities
Key Partners