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Name Type Photo
Optical microscope ZEISS AXIO
Automatic adhesion tester PosiTest AT-A
Solderability test system for surface mount and through-hole components as well as PCB MUST SYSTEM II Multicore
Ionic contamination measurement system - contaminometer CM11 Multicore
X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy for nondestructive layer thickness measurements XRF-4100L Veeco
Climatic chamber Challenge 250 Angelantonioni Industrie S.p.A.
Tensile machine LRX LLOYD Instruments
Vibration exciter LDS V406 Ling Dynamic System  
Thermal conductivity measurement system proprietary design  
Infrared camera ThermoVision A40
Thermal conductivity measurement system — portable version proprietary design
CTE & Tg measurement system proprietary design
Nanofocus X-ray inspection system & computed tomography Nanome|x 180
System for solder and adhesive joints reliability testing proprietary design
FRIS proprietary design
Thermal conductivity and effusivity analyzer C-Therm Technolies TCi, 0-120 W/mK
Multifunctional bondtester Nordson Dage 4000 Plus