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Name Type Photo
System for drilling, milling and engraving of PCB base materials BUNGARD CCD Bungard Electronic
Stencil printer SPOT 20/20 Advanced Techniques  
Semi-automatic pick-and place system CAT 90 Advanced Techniques
Forced convection reflow oven JEM 310 OK Industries
Manual and semi-automatic thermo-ultrasonic wire bonder BONDER 5410 Delvotec
Sonic wire bonder U-WB-BU1A TSK International Corporation  
Epoxy die mounter and pull tester micro-manipulator system GM-100 ATU Technologie GmbH  
System for the rework, repair and assembly of mixed technology PCB's MTR-5000 OK Industries
Ink-jet printer for user made inks Dimatix Fujifilm DMP-2811
BGA Rework Station Jovy RE-7500
Sonificator Sonics Vibra-Cell VCX130 / CV18